Ulysse Nardin buys Ebel Chronograph Movement.Ulysse Nardin has taken another important step in the independence

Ulysse Nardin


Ulysse Nardin has taken another important step in the independence movement with the acquisition of in-house chronograph Ebel. A revered and reliable movement, and was considered one of the finer the market for over 17 years – a real success story. Curiously, the story of the development of the chronograph start in parallel with one of the most remarkable successes of Ulysse Nardin: the perpetual calendar.

The common feature: a main platen base which was modified according to the watch product and according to the need to reach their dream innovative. With the acquisition of the movement by Ulysse Nardin, and twin brothers as if they were found.

Ulysse Nardin
The story of a chronograph Ebel will continue in the hands of master watchmakers who have given life to this movement and that are now part of the family Ulysse Nardin. Ulysse Nardin and eager to present the additional movement in its manufacture “as” final by the end of 2012.

Without hesitation, the acquisition of this manufacturing chronographs movements and further proof of the Ulysse Nardin position in the demanding world renowned watch manufacturing.

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