The company remains committed to Oris Williams F1 Team. Team ‘F1 »Williams F1 Team and the famous Swiss watch company



Team ‘F1 »Williams F1 Team and the famous Swiss watch company Oris signed a new contract to continue the mutually beneficial cooperation in 2012. Oris brand logo will be placed on the nose fairing cars, as well as gloves and uniforms of the team.

It should be noted that the successful partnership of Oris and Williams F1 Team continues its tenth year in a row. Partners share a passion for motor sports and racing, a long tradition of collaboration and shared by both parties understand the need to hard work and precision mechanics.

On this occasion, the executive chairman of manufacture Oris Ulrich W. Herzog said: “Renewing our contract will strengthen our support for and commitment to the team and the Williams F1 Team racing industry as a whole. Employees see a constant desire Oris Williams F1 Team to achieve success, the same peculiar to us, and it inspires us, as it reflects our own mission, articulated in the slogan “Real clock for real people.”

Head of team Williams F1 Team has expressed his opinion: «Oris – one of the most solid and long-time partner, and we are very pleased that they once again confirmed the co-operation with our team. We have over the past nine years and has developed a satisfying long-standing partnership with Oris, and the fact that their support continues, is very important for the team, since it demonstrates their commitment to our chestolyu bivym aspirations regarding the upcoming season – we will be more successful in in 2012. I would like to again thank them for their support and say that we look forward to working together throughout the season. ”

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