The clock with Everest Rocks. The news appeared in the press recently has aroused



The news appeared in the press recently has aroused some interest and even some doubts.

Picked up by national newspapers as being directly coinvlto was Brumotti known mountain bike champion and known to the general public to be sent to Strip the News.

With another famous climber, Simone Moro , were preparing to “climb” Mount Everest when an intervention by the Nepalese authorities have blocked their business, forcing the virtuous bikers has come back to Italy when the operation was well under way.

Moro is rather remained Himalayas looking for a different solution and trying to climb one of several peaks that dot the Asian mountain range, the measure has made outstanding all those trips that have nothing to do with mountaineering and are therefore only to search for records.

The company Brumotti was linked to the achievement of the summit on a mountain bike, a real exploit that Simon had subjected to long and strenuous workouts and represented matter of prestige and pride.

The cause of the scandal, if we can afford is one of Everest, used to produce watches the dial of which is composed of this element.

A U.S. company known watch manufacturer technical merit, the Michael Kobold, 25 has produced a limited number at a cost of $ 16 000 each. More often than not these luxury timepieces are worn by celebrities, U.S. military and NASA scientists.

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