Omega Planet Ocean and Rolex Submariner.THE width of the sub box is 40mm without crown and 12 millimeters grossor.

Omega Planet



THE width of the sub box is 40mm without crown and 12 millimeters grossor. The planet this is my 42mm without crown and 14 grossor.

Weight is a psychological factor that really just brings nothing but it only seems stronger, the Rolex remains at 127 grams.

The planet appears to be more strong and the crossing of scale can be seen that not only look if there is more of everything, 183.8 grams

The submariner no bracelet.

Planet ocean without the bracelet.

LIGHT, a very important aspect in a diving watch, the Submariner has indexes smaller and less brilliant than his opponent.

GLASS, sapphire is both the planet but the ocean has anti-reflection coating for 2-side does not reach the level of Fortis but it is very good.
In the Rolex to avoid glare glass has to seek more suitable angle The Planet to be photographed in almost any position.

Here the same picture but with the hand trying to cover the light reflection and half-sphere is not reflected and the top bareback, to appreciate the effect of anti-reflective treatment.

The anti-reflective glass for the 2 sides are very effective but also are more delicate, since they get dirty more easily, it costs more to clean and need to be pampered more, because with a stroke or something strong scratch roze treatment to hard use and I followed the clock is more appropriate untreated sapphire. THE CALIBRE, the photos are not of my watches and I do not want to open them, but they are pictures from network models examined.

Omega Planet
The submariner’s “no date” is automatic caliber 3130 manufactured by Rolex, 28 rubies with a 44-hour power reserve, this caliber was mounted in 1999 and beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour, the wheel is glucidur, the strike has macanismo in seconds and supports hand-wound, no COSC certificate but remains well within the parameters, these gauges and all the evolutions of the same are characterized by a very good driving stability, durability and ruggedness impressive.

Planet the ocean also is automatic and takes the omega caliber 2500 based on a highly modified ETA 2892, some modifications are: increasing the rubis to 27 instead of bore 21 which incorporates the base and 23 carrying the traditional seamaster is added co-axial exhaust that reduces friction and wear also extends to almost twice the range of revisions, alternations above reduce from 28,800 to 25,200 a / h and consequently lengthens the reserve at about 50 hours, also has second stop function and supports hand-wound. With all these changes the clock exceeds accreditation COSC certificate.

Omega watches come with 2 year warranty, but all models with co-axial exhaust come out with one more year, 3 years warranty and a corresponding seal of guarantee.

The different options are submariner range three models are very similar and in passing put them here, “the new date and sub models are no holes in the handle”

Omega Planet
The submariner.

The Sea-Dweller, dated, sealed 1220 meters and helium valve at 9.

The submariner date.

Planet there are more options within the same clock, since you can choose from 42 or 45.5 mm case size, steel bracelet, brown leather strap, orange or two of rubber, there is also black or orange bezel and dial with Arabic numbers in orange or white, with the option to change image forever and you can play with the bezel color changing it and combine it with different straps or bracelet, the watch is probably more “chameleon” of the market. I want a different various summer and a special point is made to look.

What color you get tired and you want to switch to a more diverse discrete and normal, then you change the bezel and “premieres” clock for four dollars.

You want to reduce weight and give it a more casual image, because that also is fine.

The combinations are many and varied.

There is the possibility to buy it with the numbering of the field blank, more classic and elegant.

There is also a special version in honor of the movie 007 Casino Royale, where the “tail” of 007 seconds is inscribed in red.

The cover also changes.

A nice photo of a Planet “version casino royal” in its preferred environment.

For those who love large watches Omega planet ocean can also be purchased 45.5 billion cash at the same price as the 42mm.

Omega Planet
This photo is from the network and to compare differences in size with a sub or sd 40mm.

In the Planet there is also the only version of 45’5mm stopwatch size, color can be black or orange and the area can also be numbered with Arabic white or orange.

If you’re looking for various drive with a major brand, an icon watch, a watch that will change in many years, a watch with a value risidual most high, comfortable to wear for size and weight, manufacture caliber, since the Rolex submariner is a good option.

Price rate of a Rolex Submariner 14060M in 2007 is 3,800 euros if otherwise value most have various different, more tight, with best finishes with a more sporty appearance and current with many opportunities for change and look for more economical over the Ocean Planet will not disappoint. Price Rate of Omega Planet Ocean with bracelet and do not care either in 45mm size 42 “and that cost the same” and in 2007 is about 2,700 euros.

Omega Planet Ocean and Rolex Submariner Part 1

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