Omega Planet Ocean and Rolex Submariner.Here it is a review of my two divers preferred a new and modern



Here it is a review of my two divers preferred a new and modern is the Omega Planet Ocean 42mm and the other possibly the diver’s watch with more history of the world, a Rolex Submariner reference 14060M , the comparative model was released in 2001 and has sold all of 2007.

Of Sub little can be said that has not already been said, however the Planet is newer and has a long way to go. CASE PRESENTATION:

Of the Omega is somewhat larger and is accompanied by the cardholder with the guarantees and the typical manual book explained in 10 languages, accompanied by the gray seal bearing the co-axial gauges with 3 year warranty, pictured leaving the role cosc Certificate is not serial but I asked in Switzerland.

Of the Rolex is a wooden box lined in green outside and goes with more things: the leather card case with the timetable and guarantee along with 2 manual only in Spanish. Take the typical anchor with chain.

CROWNS: very similar in size and with good feel, the neck of the stem looks better in the Rolex because it is more visible fat and the board seems to be more secure, the 2 threaded easily and safely.

The protection of the crown, has the typical Sub pads protruding from the box and gives a typical appearance of a diver, the Omega has a recess in the box and the crown is somewhat protected, maybe is finer and not so saw. The tightness is guaranteed in both, as the Submariner is waterproof 300 meters and 600 meters Ocean Planet.

THE BEZEL: the bright spot of the 12 Sub is somewhat larger and sticks out a bit, the planet is a little sunken and worn as a top to protect the crystallite luminova (pictured not seen).

The grading scale, the first 15 minutes are at 1 minute, the rest in both spaces is 5 minutes with even numbers in Arabic numerals in the Rolex read better and more contrasting black background, the Omega when the bezel is not as visible orange with black bezel and would be almost equal.

The bezel of the Sub is more integrated into the box and not protruding much, maybe is thinner and aesthetic but for use with gloves is not as comfortable and easy to use as is the planet, both have 120 positions and the hardness and touch is much like we see here the helium escape valve of Omega, which is engraved with the chemical symbol HE. The Sub does not.

NEEDLES, in sub grants are typical and the planet are the classic Broad Arrow , the latter are faceted and rhodium-plated with impressive brightness and contrast, both indices are applied with metal rim and larger in the omega.

HANDLES, in the sub are more “cold” and less elaborate, and if you look very closely you see that are not so well finished.

Even with what is not if we get the bracelet we can see that the edge of the box in the omega is polished and well finished, the Rolex is more “rustic”

CAP, is a detail that perhaps few appreciate, but I do appreciate it. This case has no color, the sub is a screw cap without any inscription, bearing the famous Planet hippocampus in relief and large, combining polished and matte exquesitez.

THE ARMIS, aesthetically similar, both are great links. In sub flatter and somewhat rounded at Planet more in line with the design of the box.

The width of the bracelet in the 2 models is 20mm, except for the Planet of 45.5 which measures 22mm in width.

The Omega is more convenient to take as it has 2 side buttons up, gently unfolds and closes very well. In the Sub insurance must be lifted with a fingernail and then pull the end, there do a little more strength and is not as practical.

But analyzing them in detail, that of Rolex stays leagues away in endings, this section (now part of the design, this is very personal) touch finishes and are not comparable.

The inside and closed

Deployed in the Sub abounds stamped steel and engraved in the ocean planet extension is machined from solid steel, Excellent.

Seen singing … no words..

Detail of the wetsuit extension, here folded.

Extension of deployment, with the base plate fijaros closing the bracelet, the thickness and strength of the Planet is probably the best I’ve seen in my life.

Extension deployed and seen edge in the Rolex continues with even deployed badges unsightly.

If we take the bracelet even the part that attaches to the box is authentic and “joke” on a clock of about 4000 euros. Chapita and chapita. In contrast, the Planet has a sobering piece of solid steel machining very best I’ve seen.

Seen singing … naaaa not tell you

But all is fair in the Rolex bracelet, the submariner’s Micro is very comfortable as you take it exactly as your munena or your taste, because with their different positions and small adapt it like a glove.

Never mind that winter is summer, always ready.

Lacks Omega Micro, you can only remove or put mesh or half mesh, which adapt well but probably not as “millimeter” and practical as the Micro.

Omega Planet Ocean and Rolex Submariner Part 2

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