Marc Ecko: from Rhythm & Blues to the Rich & Beautiful.Marc Ecko – an example embodiment of the American dream

Marc Ecko


The American Dream
Marc Ecko – an example embodiment of the American dream, when only thanks to his persistence, talent, labor, and a drop of Luck common man rises to the very heights of life.

Mark Green began his career as a graffiti artist in New York. A few years later, he realized that the format of hip-hop and r & b can be much broader and first appeared in the fashion with the Olympus T-shirts decorated with whimsical ornaments, having made a real sensation. Initially, Mark realized that he could draw attention to her, while still experimental clothing, if it will be of interest and acceptance among the stars of hip-hop and r & b-stage. In the first year in the pharmaceutical school, Mark sent his sister to a concert of Boyz II Men, giving it a coat of their own design.

She managed to pass it on to Michael Bivens, a participant and producer groups. Soon after Bivens was wearing this jacket on its performance. This fact has become a huge incentive for the Economy, and in 1993 he founded the production company Ecko Unlimited fashion with a starting capital of $ 5000.

Belonging to the category of “street” brand, Ecko Unlimited has grown rapidly along with the commercialization of hip-hop-and r & b-culture, and today the turnover is more than a billion dollars a year. Today Marc Ecko – is a complete fashion house, which produces men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and shoes, has a line of jewelry and accessories and even your own fashion.

Marc Ecko
The designer combined “street fashion” with current trends Hauter Couture, confirmation of this is a great line of watches Marc Ecko. This is not just a clock on which you can find the time. This stylish and colorful accessory that sets the rhythm or “novice” in the style of life of Rich & Beautiful, completes the outfit, or have held full hip-hop-artist.

Never see tomorrow, doing the same thing as yesterday

Each model is Marc Ecko Watches is individual in design and intended for his “master.”

And that’s why all the collections have earned recognition from the most prominent representatives of hip-hop and r & b-in the world.

Unlike many expensive watches, watches from Mark Green is much more accessible. They lower the price barrier captures the $ 150-200 segment of inexpensive fashion-hours, and top-end models cost up to $ 1,500, with all the models look like a million.

Marc Ecko sparkling and luxurious. They are equally easy to apply to the present and the symbols of bygone eras. Model E12501G1, for example, is a heraldic shield, which depicts two golden lion and crown.

Outlining the shield is made with Swarovski crystals of various shades of amber color, which creates the illusion of playing on the body to sunlight.

Marc Ecko
At this point one and the brightest “pearls” in Marc Ecko hour family can be considered as a model Eckomatic, released a limited edition. These hours are allocated an unusual calendar, which shows the date and day of the week with two arrows, richly encrusted bezel and strap, and most importantly, this tubiyonom. Expensive model was released in the “average” and “large” format. Eckomatic confirm that the Marc Ecko Watches – it is really boundless, timeless luxury. Hours, embodying the charisma, style, status and glamor.

To live according to their imagination, rather than stereotypes

Buyer Marc Ecko audience in Russia amount to young people who know fashion and exclusive updates. This is a successful young men and women 20-35 years of age with a clear stance and are able to reach his goal. Self-confident, do not recognize the stereotypes, but rather, trying to break them. They are alien to the conservative view, and they emphasize this in my style, communication style, clothes, hobbies and leisure time. They are young and sexy. They are innovators in painting, music, dance style and fashion – their style is vivid and unique.

This audience is much more picky, and requires an individual approach to her, but her confidence is worth the effort. The new store will mark new regular customers who know fashion, and never staying in one purchase.

The movement, art, fashion trends, confident look to the future, adventurism, freedom of spirit – that the quality of the words that can describe the people who prefer the style of Marc Ecko to all others. These passive approach is not applicable – these watches to be sold as if they burn your hands.

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