Lorenz Vigorelli. The Art and Design became part of the World Watch

Lorenz Vigorelli


The Art and Design became part of the World Watch, Clock Lorenz has always cultivated a certain interest in style and innovation.

With the clock Lorenz Vigorelli takes shape a project that the House has always considered Milanese; make available to the general public watches stylistic content at a price “democratic”.

With the collaboration of Matteo Ragni, says internationally renowned designer, has created and produced a line of watches, which takes its name from a historic industrial Milanese Giuseppe Vigorelli.

He was a businessman and councilor for the Municipality of Milan in the ’30s, track cycling racer in his youth, he devised the famous velodrome in the city center. Historic theater in high-level sports events where they faced the champions of the track and where they were hosted boxing matches and other large events.

The system design has inspired the creation of Architect Spiders in these watches; object that is close to perfection, pure forms of geometry and a game. The case of the Lorenz Vigorelli is square and it preserves a round parabolic curves reminiscent of a velodrome, increasing the perspective effect.

A dial that recalls a slightly convex lens, a portion of a sphere.

The material used is top notch, from-scratch sapphire crystal, case back secured with a screw in the center that houses the button for the hour.

A stainless steel coated polycarbonate gives a firm up to 5 atm with an internal ISA quartz movement made in Switzerland.

The dials are two: black and white enamel dots printed hour and minute.

A dress watches, bracelets and colored in soft silicone, perfectly placed to cash to form a line of seamless continuity.

Lorenz Vigorelli a model that can be called unisex, worn casually by both men and women, will probably intended to use stylistic than technical.

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