How to choose a friend? Widely used by Orient-hologram stickers

How to choose a friend?


Widely used by Orient-hologram stickers, company logo on the back cover and clasps of bracelets, as well as individual numbers – reliable protection against counterfeiting.

However, when the external modesty and low price, within hours of the Japanese is often hidden mechanisms with sets of functions related to the complex mechanics. Such is the model of automatic World Timer.

As the name implies, it allows a mechanism FA02 everywhere and always know exactly what the current time in Rome, New York or Cairo – all in 24 major cities throughout the globe.

To do this, are the two rings encircling the dial. On the outside are the names of cities, and the internal – 24-hour scale. To adjust the clock enough once the rotation of the head, located in the “4:00”, set the correct time in the selected city, for example, put the number “9” in front of Tokyo. Clock mechanism automatically rotates the inner ring on one turn during the day, showing the correct time in the capital of Japan.

However, the appeal of this watch for fans of the mechanics are not limited by the availability function “Universal Time“, they are provided with two more interesting devices: power reserve indicator and the pointer calendar in the “6:00”.

In the model used Multi Eyes automatic Orient 46J50, which has already established itself among the watchmakers professionals with the best hand by the accuracy and reliability of stroke.

Availability of power reserve indicator, date indicator needle in the “6:00” and the side second hand makes clock face intense. Housing in the form of “barrel” is made of stainless steel, has a protective form of the original projections, and steel bracelet equipped with a zip-tie.

Watch face comes in several colors, with the hour markers as an index, or Arabic numerals.

The simplest of mechanical innovations is the Monthly Calendar with the mechanism of 46N40. Rotation of the head, located in the “4:00” can be set against each other two rings around the dial so that they represented a calendar for any month of the year.

In contrast to the above-described, auto-series and EVAA PFAJ made in the case are in high demand rectangular shape. In models EVAA, with the calendar set to “12:00”, the mechanism used 46E40, and PFAJ – 59 741 engine.

How to choose a friend?
Accuracy and linearity

Quartz watches, presented models of the mechanisms UBBK, UBBL and SZAS, in no way inferior to “relatives” of the automated collection. But, as expected, here the focus is not on the particular mechanism, and the design.

For the first time the mechanisms UBBK UBBL and appeared in the collection, which bore the name of the Pair dress, and at once became widely popular.

The greatest success came to the collection when it appeared the model with the combined surface “gold – titanium carbide” (yellow and black). Only in the Russian market during this time they have sold over 100,000. In the last two years for such a combination of body colors come many well-known brands, but the Orient was the first and has a well established technology for the application of such coatings.

It is noteworthy that during the ten years there have been no complaints on the quality of these watches collections!

For the new model is characterized by quartz gold and steel rectangular case, black dial with a single major label in the “12:00”, the arrow of “Dauphin” and bracelets made of simple parts. These clocks will certainly suit natures solid, self-confident. On the wrist of a strong man, they will look, like a glove. A band-Runner, elegant, yet rugged, this will fix the image.

Model Square was created for fans of rectangular shapes, reflecting the current trends in the watch mode. Clarity of lines of watches, as we know, increases the sense of the integrity of the character of their owner. In addition to the simple model with the issued and date display at the “12 o’clock”.

As shown in Basel Exhibition, watches on leather straps in the world are becoming increasingly popular, and the series models SZAS, Orient designed for Spanish designers, are a reflection of this trend. Unusual cuts on both sides of the body are not accidental, they create an impression of refinement, lightness and elegance.

Blue, black and white dials in harmony with the friendly and tight strap, and hard numbers and labels allow a person to easily determine the time. Of the additional features worth noting the date indication in the “6:00”. For the manufacture of straps for their models Orient uses a special high-quality leather, fine dressing. These models have shown very good sales in Italy and Spain.

Orient, a company with fifty years of history has been one of the largest watch manufacturers in Japan, whose products are of high quality, interesting design, and reasonable prices for our customers.

Throughout the years of working in Russia as a trusted partner trading companies. And no matter how many new names did not appear on our watch market, Orient will always occupy a worthy place in the shop windows. After all, an old friend is better than two new ones.

How to choose a friend? Part 1

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