Hamilton Becomes Closer.Three years ago, Hamilton has completed its move from the U.S. to Switzerland.



YEAR big move
Three years ago, Hamilton has completed its move from the U.S. to Switzerland. The company not only manufacture and moved headquarters to Bill – have changed the clock itself. While that product Hamilton remained a cult image of U.S. military and kinochasov, the company has systematically changed their style and quality, making the clock in the 100-percent Swiss product. Submitted only the most famous collections, such as Ventura, Khaki, Jazzmaster, but they were replenished more vivid and relevant models. Most of the new lines supplemented by automatic mechanisms with additional features.

Finally, there were gorgeous women’s collection, performed in a unique “brutal” style of Hamilton, but with plenty of eye-catching, colorful items, fine jewelry and gemstones. Naturally, the new range of Hamilton was first tested in the Western European market, and only after convincing the success and rapid sales growth in Switzerland and Italy, which is called the “barometer of demand”, the company decided to provide new products in Russia. Previous year has been very successful, and looking at the collection of 2007, one could argue that Hamilton could become one of the most popular brands in our country.

The first changes were the most famous and iconic collection of Hamilton – Ventura. That is, long before the appearance of the brand in this country, has been known to Russian consumers in the film “Men in Black.”

But in fact, in 1957 a collection of Ventura was established as a prestigious watches for men, who drive a car. And the body was not truncated at the whim of the designer, but to watch does not interfere with the movement of the wrist, turning the steering wheel. It is this image: ordinary, but luxury watches in steel or gold case for solid people who drive a car, was originally selected for Ventura and ensure the collection of the first success.

This original style, with the amendment to the current realities, decided to return to Hamilton in the year of the 50th anniversary of the line.

The flagship model this year is the new Ventura in a massive steel frame with strap in crocodile leather, equipped with a mechanism ETA 2824-2 self-winding, which is visible through a sapphire center of the dial. There is a quartz version of this model, in which case it is written on the dial like a Electric – in memory of that.

That the first models were equipped with the revolutionary Ventura for 57-year electric mechanism. Crowned by a collection of limited edition anniversary series Ventura Vintage in the case of gold. Noble yellow metal, probably first appeared in the visible range of positions in Hamilton and I must say, very organically fit into the style of the brand.

Line Khaki, one of the oldest in existence today, collections Hamilton (watch these military has used the American officers during World War II) are also moving towards the style of “sport chic”. Impressive size of the body with powerful chronograph Khaki meringue-lemma, and water resistance to 300 meters this year, supplemented by elements of luxury. For example, Aviation Chronograph Khaki X-Wind Automatic with characteristic aviachasov crown on the left was extremely impressive black case and dial with black leather strap is combined with accents of pink gold.

The other model aircraft – Khaki Tachymiler (the same thing as a tachometer, which measures only the distance in miles) – appeared in the body 44 mm, coated with black PVD and black rubber bracelet. A combination of relevant materials such as steel, gold and rubber, bright colors, distinctive style, and confirmed by the practice of “war” Khaki collection of quality make one of the leading sports watches.

But the most interesting new products this year is represented in the collection Jazzmaster, which until recently was the “second fiddle” in the range of Hamilton. Jazzmaster – Clock is a classic status in the style of the 30s, not burdened by any “military” or “screen” image.

They are ideal for people who just want to get comfortable high-quality Swiss watches for every day. This line offers a huge selection now. For those who prefer a classic retro style, perfectly suited model line Jazzmaster Square, presented in three versions: the classic men’s watch in steel 38 x 38 mm with automatic movement, chronograph and automatic same female model with quartz movement and pearl dial.

Large selection of models for women appeared in the other line Jazzmaster, dubbed SeaQueen. Many women had paid Hamilton for men just because of the courageous style and high-grade security features.

The collection SeaQueen hours creators have decided to support and develop this image: releasing a comfortable and feminine watch with a diameter of 37 mm pearl dial and strap color galyushi or python skin, with a fun suspension on the crown.

And one more (but not the last) Surprise Jazzmaster, designed for lovers of watches with complications. Stylish Jazzmaster Ratrapante will be beneficial to look in every situation. His face is perfect for business suit and a large diameter 44 mm and water resistance to 100 meters will please fans of an active lifestyle.

Ratrapante – this is an excellent example of prestigious watches issued limited edition, it is ideal for those who appreciate the original design and mechanics in the package the famous brand. Inside the Jazzmaster Ratrapante installed split-second chronograph based on the caliber of ETA-Valjoux 7770, which bridges are decorated with engraved Cotes de Geneve, a platinum polished to a pearly sheen.

The mechanism is visible through the sapphire back cover glass over the dial and sapphire, as supplemented by a great watch with black alligator strap. The line is limited 365 copies – each represents a day of the year, that is, the entire collection Jazzmaster Ratrapante appears as an allegory of the cycle during which the Earth orbits the Sun.

All of the above watches were presented at Basel, and in the autumn of Hamilton produced another, completely unexpected novelty: a model of Hamilton timed by Riva, vypu schennuyu together with the famous designer of yachts, the Italian company Riva. So far, only these hours are prepared to enter the market, but we already know that they meet all the criteria of luxury, have a distinctive design, automatic chronograph caliber, and, of course, higher performance protection, which are a symbol of this man’s style. Style, which Hamilton will never change.

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