Citizen Minute Repeater and time of the sound.Those who have loved and still love the pieces Citizen

Citizen Minute


Those who have loved and still love the pieces Citizen, will have no difficulty remembering the Citizen Minute Repeater (reference BL9009-54M, blue dial) as a unique creation of the Japanese giant: perfect marriage between technology and design, a watch very much appreciated. The main feature of the minute repeater, in fact, is to offer the original sound snooze time: with a slight pressure on the side button initially indicates the hours, quarter hours and then finally the minutes elapsed, using three different shades of sound.

The case of 42 mm and bracelet watch Citizen Minute Repeater are steel, the glass is sapphire lucentissimo and closing (the type with side buttons), it is comfortable and safe. Despite the repeat time sound significantly affect the amount of energy, motion Eco-Drive has a power reserve of approximately 9 months.

Other indications are those of the calendar with day, month and leap year indication and small seconds dial on the right. Design and Technology in the environment become the basis of a new philosophy, is in this direction that develops Citizen Eco Drive movement, which also animate these watches so special.

The Citizen Minute Repeater is now out of production for some time, but they remain among the most popular watches (in particular, but not only, as a clock for the blind precisely by virtue of the function of sound repetition time).

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