By Giuliano Mazzuoli timepiece Tachometer.After 3 years of studies, design, prototyping and testing

By Giuliano Mazzuoli timepiece Tachometer


After 3 years of studies, design, prototyping and testing, the timepiece Tachometer, from designer and entrepreneur Florentine Giuliano Mazzuoli in homage to his passion for sports car, arrives on the market in the most exclusive stores worldwide.

The experiences of the pilot and love for the engines of the designers are evoked in the tachometer, to relive the emotions that only the equilibrium absolute mechanical perfection and harmony can arouse aesthetic.

Summary of Italian creativity and Swiss manufacturing capacity, the new timepiece celebrates with a calibrated scale and exceptional technical virtuosity the world of motor racing, highlighting the predisposition to innovation and attention to technology research.

The revolution, in symbiotic relationship with the pilot of the engine performance and expression, became a symbol of sporting performance and suggestions to guide the protagonist to become the exclusive creation of Giuliano Mazzuoli. Tachometer is a masterpiece of fine watchmaking heritage that makes use of the prestigious Swiss technical renewing both the conventional reading of the time.

The simplicity and clean lines of the graphics betray a revolutionary system of measurement of hours and minutes: the watch is fitted with a single hand retrogradante which moves on an arc of 270 °, with indices from 0 to 12, indicating the time.

The functions of the crown, absent RPM, are carried from the foul line.

Built on the side of the box and disappeared, a lever acts as a “change”, allowing, depending on its position to charge automatic movement made by Swiss watchmakers or adjust the time by rotating the bezel.

The degree of opening of the lever is also displayed graphically with a window where you alternate the logo image Mazzuoli, to indicate the regular operation of the clock, and the numbers 1 or 2, to represent respectively the functions of recharging or restarting time.

Fusion of innovation and design research protected by 3 patents worldwide, Tachometer pulls style a sporty personality, emphasized by the choice of materials and attention to detail.

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