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At the World Exhibition of watches and jewelery BaselWorld 2012 watch company Tellus, offering the world’s first wristwatch with interchangeable body, has introduced several collections.

Tellus – one of the few brands that offers its fans, and all possibility of a large choice. Collection of this company are equipped with the most diverse and colorful models.

Dueller – Watches from this collection are distinguished by their design and form of buildings. Another distinctive feature of mechanical watches in the collection is a five-day Dueller reserve. Dial placed asymmetrically models challenge traditional models. On dials a special place is occupied by the figure “8”, which repeats the shape of the symbol of infinity. Indication of the time by three arrows. Watch this collection are available in leather straps.

The collection includes chronographs Voyager, which will become true friends of their owners at the time of travel. Their round the body and enhanced dials fully comply with the concept of creating high-quality Parentheses hours. Chronograph counters are located on the dials so that they form a figure “8”. Double date aperture is located at position “12 o’clock”. From the time indices are marked only the digits “2” and “8”. Available hours on multi-colored leather straps.

Stormer – graceful, characteristic for the models from the collection of Stormer makes them extremely elegant. Ten body parts on the bolt and diamonds create an unusual functional decoration that can be worn by both women and men.

The collection presents Diamanta luxury watches, magnificent appearance which charms and attracts. Bezel and dials models completely covered with white and black diamonds, which create a great game shine. These elegant models are incomparable jewelry that will complement the image of its owner. Above the white or black diamonds “floating” two arrows. Tellus is brand logo at the top, in the “12 o’clock”. Delivered elegant watches on leather straps.

Buy watches from the company Tellus may have official representatives of the brand.

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