BaselWorld 2012: The company is Cimier watches Birdie

Cimier watches


Watch company Cimier presented at the annual international exhibition BaselWorld 2012 watch novelty designed golfer – watch Birdie, which the company described as “the logical choice golfer.”

According to their conviction, the present model – the perfect companion for all those who are passionately fond of this famous game. Meantime it is worth noting that represented both male and female hours of Birdie.

The main feature of the exhibition was the original design patterns and bright colors. Thus, men’s watch is made with black straps with stitching, the color which blends with the color design of the dial. A women’s watches are made with white straps.

Recommended price of women’s watches Birdie – 990 Swiss francs, men’s watches are – 780 Swiss francs. You can buy watches from authorized company representatives.

Official Website : Cimier

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