Arnold Schwarzenegger selects a clock from the future. Date of foundation of the Italian brand Welder is 2075.



Date of foundation of the Italian brand Welder is 2075. Guess who decided to check the accuracy of this information?

As you know, the former governor of California likes to watch. He has a particular weakness for expensive Swiss Audemars Piguet and Panerai, a couple of years ago got a gift futuristic models of brand U-Boat. Apparently, this search for big hours for the big man has not ended.

On the first day of the exhibition Baselworld-2012, while walking on the hour pavilions, “Iron Arnie” has met with renowned designer Italo Fontana. The purpose of the meeting was the largest acquisition of hours from the U-Boat: U-42 (body diameter of 65 mm!). Already leaving the hall U-Boat, Schwarzenegger drew attention to a nearby stand of Welder with the new model 3311 from the collection of K-24.

A series of K-24 are most popular among fans and even fans of the “broad scope”. First the usual gamut of black in this series, it was decided to dilute the fashionable white copies!

As can be seen on the video uploaded on YouTube and on the official website of the company, Arnold Schwarzenegger, surrounded by a crowd of bodyguards with interest considering showcase with the latest on this and other collections, and an active interest in their technical characteristics.

Who knows, maybe next purchase will be the Schwarzenegger Welder? And that – it is quite logical: how Terminator could not be interested for hours, which were from the future?

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