Alain Delon decided to part with his collection of watches.April 5 this Year French auction House Carnette de Saint Syr HAD a unique bid



April 5 this Year French auction House Carnette de Saint Syr HAD a unique bid, Which Were exhibited 100 watches that were part of a personal collection of the famous actor Alain Delon, who was acquired in 50 years. Among the models Featured lots of Famous Watch Brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Breitling , Audemars Piguet– , Rolex , Cartier , IWC , Blancpain ….

The Actor Has always gravitated to the Luxurious and Magnificent timepieces as an indispensable Attribute of a MAN of impeccable taste and elegance. He always Considered Important to Follow Own your taste and not capricious fickle trends of Fashion. For Several years Alain Delon Won collecting a very rich and Representative Collection, Which includes such unique specimens of Art as a time clock Rolex Daytona; Cartier Santos 100 Cartier Santos and Cartier Tank.

Watches are not unique in terms of Only Their Performance Technical HIGHLY, BUT Also of Belonging to the Actor. For example, the clock of the Royal Oak Audemars Piguet-Alain Delon Wrist starred in Famous Paintings, “How Boomerang” (1976), “Word Police” (1985) and “Do not wake a sleeping policeman” (1988).

The auction WAS Held in the Building of a Mansion in Paris Hotel Salomon de Rothschild and kollktsiya WAS Sold for a huge Sum – 590 300 dollars.

Occasional Collection WAS exhibited at the end of March in Hong Kong, Alain Delon as great Enjoys Popularity in China and is a grand event Has Real Potential to Attract customers.

Incidentally, this is not the first auction, Which WAS Organized by the Actor. Quite recently, the auction was a collection of exclusive wines, income from the sales of which exceeded 250 000 EUR.

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