Watches Halda received Red Dot. Watches Space Discovery Limited Edition by Halda Watch Co Prize awarded Red Dot Design Award.



Watches Space Discovery Limited Edition by Halda Watch Co Prize awarded Red Dot Design Award. This award is one of the most prestigious in the world of design, as well as clear evidence of recognition in the market – because design is an essential component of the popularity of wristwatches, as well as commercial success of the brand. Red Dot – a Nobel Prize in the world of design, an internationally recognized and is an indication of trends.

In the competition for this prize was attended by applicants from 70 countries, and not all of them belonged to a wristwatch.

“We are honored to receive this award. It is a testament to the fact that our work really pays off. Team Halda was spent plenty of time to create a wristwatch Halda Space Discovery Limited Edition, to achieve the most ideal balance between the mechanics, advanced technology and design. And this award is the best proof that we did it, “- said General Director of the Halda Watch Co.

Men’s watch Space Discovery Limited Edition is a wonderful tool with interchangeable clockwork: from classical to electronic mechanical.

More precisely, even not just a mechanism, and a module housing.

Mechanical module is a very classic, with date window at the “3:00”.

The dark face is decorated with the year 1887 the company was founded. Power reserve is 43 hours. The frequency of 5 Hz vph, which makes the watch more accurate than most, which have a frequency of 7 Hz. This module has a transparent back cover, which is visible due to the special design of the hull.

Electronic module HS 2009-1 data wristwatch notable for the fact that in August 2009 has been tested in space flight, go to the Chatelet STS-128. The body of the clock module is made of innovative material TECAMAX, used for space research. This material can withstand tremendous loads, temperature and even the effects of various acids.

In addition to various traditional electron-caliber additions, like the second time zone and alarm, this clock can count and remember the congestion experienced by the pilot of a spacecraft in flight. For there are three control buttons are located in areas “2, 4 and 8 hours.”

Charge their batteries will last for two years of uninterrupted and precise operation. In the mechanism of integrated light sensor that adjusts itself depending on the level of illumination of the environment.

The diameter of the body, which is set one hour modules is 45 mm, thickness 17.6 mm. Water-resistant to 50 meters.

Buy Watches Space Discovery Limited Edition will be able to a few – model released limited edition of 128 copies.

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