The ten models of most expensive watches.In recent ranking by Forbes



In recent ranking by Forbes, the world’s most expensive watch, designer Chopard, well costs 25 million. If time is money, measure it can be very expensive, as demonstrated by an impressive selection of the ten most expensive watches and chronographs in the world.

Open the Top Ten model pocket BREGUET Grande Complication Pocket Watch 1907BA/12: the fruit of centuries of experience of the Swiss fashion house founded in 1775 (now owned by Swarch Group), has a mechanism that not only protects the watch from gravity, provides speed and accuracy by splitting the second, enough to justify the price of $ 734 000.

Following is BLANCPAIN 1735 Grande Complication: In this stylish chronometer wristwatch with platinum case which brings together 740 well filigree details, all handcrafted and assembled by hand by master watchmakers of the renowned Swiss company, the dial shows a perpetual calendar, moon phases and even a fraction of a second. For a value of over $ 66 000.

While, for just over $ 860 000 you can buy a stylish watch with Louis Moinet Magistralis golden crate that holds a piece of lunar meteorite of 2000 years ago. It serves, however, more than one million dollars for the sparkly HUBLOT Black Caviar Bang, white gold with 322 diamonds and gemstones.

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