The new model from the company’s Sparkling Moon Angular Momentum.Sweden ytsarskaya manufacturer of tools for measuring time

new model


Sweden ytsarskaya manufacturer of tools for measuring time, Angular Momentum is known worldwide for its unique clock, which represent the products of Haute Horlogerie, located on the border between jewelery and watchmaking. Master watchmaker brand under the leadership of Martin Pauli every day learn new art techniques and machinery dials jewelry watches, delighting fans of the brand.

Martin Pauli has positioned his company as one of the few manufacturers in the world of unique watches made by special order. In connection with manual execution of each masterpiece, as well as its uniqueness, the company produces collections of watches, as do most of the world’s top brands, and creates 300-350 copies a year, which, of course, immediately sold out.

In this regard, the value of a collectible watch brands, as well as aesthetic, is very high. Models hours, at which there is a brand “Manu Propria”, assembled and decorated entirely by hand by Martin Pauli, while the rest are produced in the atelier of Angular Momentum with experts of other companies for work on particularly complex or metal-engraving.

Some time ago, the master of pleased fans of the brand models from the collection of “Sparkling Timepieces”: Sparkling Pictures, and Sparkling Digital, today is Martin Pauli world your new creation – the model Sparkling Moon. Models of this collection is peculiar decoration of dials and cases with diamonds and diamond dust, giving hours of truly magical luster and shine.

new model
No exception, and new women’s watch, the dial of which is covered with a shiny enamel technique in the Japanese “Urushi” and encrusted with diamonds and diamond dust. The disc in the center of the dial is decorated with the same technology, it is attended by a glowing picture of the moon, made with enamel Email Lumineuse.

The disc moves “jumps”, making a step in the day. When he is in position “12” hours, showing a full moon. In “6:00” drive displays the second quarter of the moon. Rotating clockwise drive as lacquered and decorated with loose diamonds and diamond dust. Besides the two drives, equipped with a luminous watch dial clockwise point and skeletonized stainless steel needle in the style of diamond cut.

Housing model, made in the form of “Cup”, is made of stainless steel 1.4435NcU Staybrite, polished to a mirror finish and fitted with sapphire crystal. The new masterpiece from Angular Momentum is driven by historical FHF caliber 96 with manual winding.

The crown is made of stainless steel and equipped with 1.4435NcU Staybrite onyx cabochon. The back cover is made model of sapphire glass, the back side coated with black enamel “Urushi” and encrusted with loose diamonds and diamond dust.

On the eve of International Women’s Day would like to pay special attention to men in this unique masterpiece of watchmaking art, despite the fact that buy watches Angular Momentum Sparkling Moon will have time to just one lucky man.

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