Seiko Neo Sport FC Barcelona.For nearly fifty years, Seiko watches offers its collaboration



For nearly fifty years, Seiko watches offers its collaboration in the measurement of time in major international sporting events; cleanse them covering events like the Olympics and other continental level.

Since 1987, Official Timekeeper of the World Athletics Championships are held every four years.

The constant presence of the Japanese brand has gained considerable experience in the field and gave birth between the many models, Sportura, now entered the orbit of the watches most popular and appreciated by sportsmen.

The growing success watches Seiko has also allowed for a claim in advertising and promotion, the last union that binds him to the most successful football clubs today: FC Barcelona.

The Catalan company wanted Seiko watches as one of its international sponsors for a period of three years, from 2011 until the end of 2013.

The Seiko Sportura has become the product of choice to establish this important relationship and winning, a base to reach new heights and new successes above.

Rather, it belongs to the series a classic Conceptual Seiko quartz chronograph: the Seiko Neo Sport FC Barcelona: from meter time round, the traditional steel model driven by a quartz movement among the most popular and reliable as the 7T92.

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