Lorenz Twin Twelve Clock. You might surmise from the name

You might surmise from the name, Twin Twelve, which distinguishes this model home Lorenz was born to be a sportsman.

Its shape and components that are part drawn from the World Automobile.

To observe it carefully at first sight do not escape the crown to the cylinder head on the horizontal levels and a groove that allows a safe and effective. The same protecting the crown, which also carries the two rectangular buttons on the chrono, recall the headlights and the radiator of a car.

The dial is the face of the clock: a three-dimensional instead of whose indices are applied luminescent hour or Arabic, the two indices at 12, joined side by side provide the inspiration for the name of the time piece.

The spheres skeleton have at their ends the presence of a luminescent component to allow a quick reading and immediate free of obstacles.

To further mark the clock is present between the glass bezel and an o-ring in red, which incorporates the ball of the second.

Dresses casually a practical and durable satin-polished stainless steel bracelet with a secure closure, or a sporty leather strap, perforated with seams that surround it, there is also a silicone version that accentuates the sporty shaped Lorenz Twin Twelve Clock.

To animate a movement Ronda Swiss for the model with three balls and an ETA, always quartz chronograph watch for: a quality assured components of Swiss origin.

The case is steel, for the two versions of time and chrono, maintains the same size of 43 mm in diameter and there is also an extension with black IP treatment.

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