Laurens Trekking Watch with Altimeter to only 49 Euro. We’re not talking about Casio or Suunto or Tissot.

Laurens Trekking Watch


We’re not talking about Casio or Suunto or Tissot. To hit the mark this time Laurens was introduced in the market a fantastic Pro Trek super full of features and price bombshell: only 49 €!

Skeptics? Are you perhaps thinking about a watch from a limited potential, the lack of precision, given the price? You are mistaken.

The altimeter watch Laurens Trekking shows a design is not particularly original so much that if one does not know the full specifications for the price that would trade him now for the classic “orologetto” wrist.

The resin box (with the usual four screws caseback) and silicon rubber strap with steel buckle are both of a deep dark blue color.

But no more talk and move on to phenomenal specifications. With 69 € (this is its list price) you bring home, even on the wrist, a watch with altimeter, barometer, thermometer and digital compass.

First things first, starting from the main function: timekeeping. Given that the software that runs the watch is very similar to that of any Casio Pro Trek, the screen is very clear and readable, and is virtually divided into three sections: the upper part of the clock that displays the day of the week and year, we immediately below the date with day of the month and number of the current month, below, in red letters, we have the time (hours minutes, seconds).

Most geeks (like me) will remain satisfied already suffered from this screen because, unlike most of Casio Pro Trek watches and G-Shock is also the year indicated.

Also a nice animation (almost a tribute to Casio PRT-40) marks the passing of the second coloring / Screening 60 small electronic blocks arranged along the outer edge of the clock.

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