Irregular hours.Time passes, things change. The phrase, of course, commonplace, and beaten

Time passes, things change. The phrase, of course, commonplace, and beaten, but it is. Now the clock can be as fickle as the time. This was made possible thanks to the original designer’s idea of Denis Guidon, who created the gadget NAVA Time, capable of taking five different design options, depending on your mood or desire. Sure, it’s a very interesting and useful idea, saves money, because now no need to buy five different hours, all is right in one.

Time changes us and our environment. We become different: older, wiser, more experienced … and the clock should change along with us. NAVA Time provides this capability. By the way, the firm has developed its already known by others, no less than the original clock – a clock with crumbled figures.

The first version of the design NAVA Time – all the usual, regular hours with the usual arrow of unusual except that only a truncated form of the dial. The second option is similar to the first, only a different color.

The third option also has arrows, but they revolve independently of each other, which creates a very unusual style. The fourth option is even more fascinating and romantic love, and astronomers. Hour and minute hands in it are stylized as planets and stars.

The fifth design decision hour and minute hands – opposite ends of the same twisted yarns that very unusual and original. In general, each of these clocks can find an option to design your own taste, and this is their charm. People are not constant, and the clock is now repeating this volatility and able to adapt to its host.

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