HYT H1: Pre-Baselworld 2012 New.That a brand has chosen to stay in the shadows



That a brand has chosen to stay in the shadows, or to begin to communicate its product for some time, finally now have less than a week at Baselworld 2012, the watchmaking world’s most anticipated event.

Periard Vincent, CEO of HYT Watches revolutionary – as we have seen in a couple of articles – H1 is going to present the first mechanical clock marking the time with a fluid. A few hours ago he ordered to “liberate” from its arsenal a new media official Pre-Baselworld, where on March 7 next course is already scheduled a press conference for the first of this unusual timepiece.

Behind this idea, under the supervision of Bruno Moutarlier, there again, Jean-Francois Mojon and his company Chronode SA. Just to mention some work, Mojon is the man who helped to create many new Harry Winston timepieces, and is co-author, along with Kari Voutilainen’s marvelous mechanical gauge that mounts the Legacy Machine # 1 LM1 MB & F.

Intriguing to see a side of the pistons going up and down and pumping the liquid flowing around the turn of the minutes, all divided by the seconds wheel completely visible at 9 o’clock!

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