Hourly novelty from Baselworld 2012 on Walca.Walca – the leading Swiss watch company



Walca – the leading Swiss watch company, which develops and produces measuring devices at the time of order. To date, the company Walca there are several buildings located in various countries around the world: the company’s headquarters, which employs over 30 professionals located in Bien.

Brand Walca creates unique high-quality watches that meet all the requirements of watchmaking. The brand is working closely with many famous watch brands. As a result, produced an exclusive fashion model, who took his place on the watch market. The company also cooperates with the future owners of hours. Experts are made exactly the model of which the owner wanted, and the client receives not only the hours that are made from high quality materials, but also by choice, style and design.

The technology, which introduced the Swiss watch company Walca, called Lady Open-Heart Concept. Women’s watches Lady Open-Heart Concept are round, and settled on the face of three large Arabic numerals “3”, “9” and “6”. More unusual and the fact that this watch is not fastening lugs and crown is hidden from view. Watches are mounted on the wrist with two interlocking straps that are threaded through round holes drilled in the housing bezel.

These original female meters time will please even the most demanding ladies.

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