Citizen Eco-Drive Radio Controlled.The radio controlled clock with Eco-Drive should really have a special name.

Citizen Eco-Drive


The radio controlled clock with Eco-Drive should really have a special name. They are in fact unique watches with (picture) are the two most advanced technology features that exist today: the principle of Eco-Drive and radio-controlled time. The automatic time synchronization with the radio signal from Mainflingen, near Frankfurt, eliminates manual time setting.

The environmentally friendly Eco-Drive technology, which converts both natural and artificial light into energy, makes the need for battery replacement. In addition, the watches with a full metal housing (FMC) are equipped, the best possible protection of the movement offers, without affecting the received power. Operation of radio clocks: clock radio for Europe are equipped with a receiver for the DCF77 signal in Mainflingen / Frankfurt will be aired.

Three independently operating atomic clocks, each generating a time signal. After comparing the time signals broadcast by each of the master clock signal via long wave from Mainflingen within up to 2000 KM. This time information is generated by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig and broadcast via the telecom masts.

Since the introduction of the world’s first wristwatch with a multipolar radio receiver in 1993, Citizen RC watches are at the forefront of technological development. Today’s models continue to impress with your design and the technologies used. With the Super Skyhawk Citizen in 2007, has produced a clock that is accept the signal from the time zones U.S., Japan and Europe to receive.

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