Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Baselworld-2012.Italian watch brand Welder based in … 2075 and it’s not a typo.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Italian watch brand Welder based in … 2075 and it’s not a typo. Welder watches are the future. Rate them in dignity is not a problem for the Terminator, who arrived from the future – Arnold Schwarzenegger. He visited the exhibition Baselworld-2012 and the first day of the event special attention to the stand Welder.

Schwarzenegger met at the show with the famous designer Italo Fontana who became the world’s largest watch U-Boat U-42 65 mm in diameter. Leaving the hall U-Boat famous actor and politician interested in the neighboring stand watch brand Welder, where he was particularly attracted the attention of the new model 3311, owned a collection of K-24. This line enjoys huge popularity in the market to buy a watch amateur large. This year the traditional black shades in this collection was first diluted with white fashion watches.

By the way, creating hours of Italo Fontana Welder took an active part – perhaps this played a significant role in the interest of the “iron” Arnie to this product. Surrounded by bodyguards, Schwarzenegger has considered with interest showcase new wristwatch Welder, as well as actively interested in the technical side: their functions and characteristics.

Today it is no secret that the former governor of California and the famous Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to watch, especially the expensive Swiss watches Audemars Piguet and Panerai. But a couple of years ago, he began collecting and gift model U-Boat.

Probably in the near future, the collection of its watches are added, and Welder.

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