Anatomy of a watch: Black Tudor Heritage Bay.Graphic and effective, the new Tudor Black Heritage Bay will be emulated because its history



Graphic and effective, the new Tudor Black Heritage Bay will be emulated because its history and aesthetics should give a positive image of connoisseurs who have chosen a product of “revival” with great potential. Go! for new fans who did not know the brand before, here’s a little concentrate on what you should know to ensure this model to those who chinent long ago the very few historical models.

Things to be said, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay with its design inspired by a model appeared in 1954, is the novelty of 2012 presented in the Heritage collection created by Tudor in 2010 to give a spotlight to the collection as a whole.

Purists will note of course that the model presented in steel with an automatic winding mechanism has been revised to modernity since its diameter is 41 mm today to be in perfect harmony with the current fashions to wear. Climb with care, this piece can boast of great strength and water resistance to a pressure of 20 atmospheres, or 200 meters.

So modern in terms of safety, the beautiful State remains less certain attributes that the affiliate directly to a dive timepiece produced by the Tudor house from 1954 until the current 80 years. We therefore appreciate the true value of the convex glass that follows the curve of the dial above which revolve needle shaped in the same color of pink gold indexes so that a further highlight its small vintage character, giving the impression the time indicators have suffered the ravages of time.

But the craziest thing on this show is mainly due to the presence of the unidirectional rotating bezel burgundy, a color exclusive to this Tudor and faithful to that qu’arboraient some models launched during the 70s.

Because in Tudor and every detail counts, found this little touch burgundy is found on the tip of the crown, engraved itself in the Tudor rose. In addition, we also note the presence of a new clasp developed by Tudor for Model Black Heritage Bay is also delivered with two straps, one black fabric and the other to choose from, steel or aged leather sole.

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