A new collection of watches from the Cross.Cross Brand is best known as a manufacturer of premium writing instruments.



Cross Brand is best known as a manufacturer of premium writing instruments. This company is already more than 160 years. And this year for the first time the collection does not handle, and wrist watches. The entire collection is made in the original style of the accessory Cross – notebooks, glasses, leather goods, etc.

Total Cross are five lines. This watch Gotham in a round 41-millimeter case, a rectangular 32 mm, as well as a 30-mm elongated rectangular shape with a double face.

The second line is called Arial and a wristwatch, his body shape is strongly reminiscent of the TV screen. Models of this series are available in two versions: 32.5 mm in men’s watches and 25 mm for women.

The third line is called Cambria. This is a large clock in the 42-millimeter round case.

The big clock as shown in line Palatino: 42 mm with automatic or quartz caliber inside. Also, women’s watches with 30 mm.

And the fifth line is called the New Chicago. This is a watch in a circular housing 37 and a diameter of 31 mm, respectively, for both men and women.

Under the inspired calligraphy collection of watches Cross submitted a total of 80 different design models. All new watches Cross have housing made of stainless surgical steel 316L and the effect of high-lead Japanese arrangements made with the participation of chronometric Solar Time Ltd. from Hong Kong.

Of course, some readers may seem frivolous just watch from a company known for its production completely different. However, it can be seen from the other side, as in the famous story about the half full glass.

Cross for more than a century, has been producing luxury accessories (which, incidentally, are and watches), so subjects the premium manufacturer knows this quite well. Well, trust in the covert production of the body clock can be filling, and another company, like many people, whose timepieces from this do not lose respect for (one has only to count the number of different brands use ETA mechanisms for their creations).

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