Wristwatches Valentine’s Day. These watches are perhaps one of the most bizarre proposals Valentine’s day.



These watches are perhaps one of the most bizarre proposals Valentine’s day. They do not have pictures with hearts; there are no bright colors or cupids. It’s just a watch. Brand Caterpillar took the unusual step – one of the few watch manufacturers offered on February 14, a gift is not for women and for men.

Even in the poster advertising Happy Valentines Day shows something like a man: in the form of graffiti on the lime. No cakes and cubs with wings. Complete severe wrist watches that are offered on the feast of St. Valentine, simply because there is a good reason. The creators did not seek to make them the embodiment of this holiday. But such a watch would be appropriate to wear in every other day.

New collections owned by Yellow line. The main colors of the clock data are gray and white. The last color chosen for the selection of switches and hour markers. The case of high-alloy steel covered with gray PVD.

Watches are made in the austere masculine design; the main limiting values are clear and crisp. Square hour and minute hands around three counters: in the “9:00” hand-type day of the week, at a mark of “3:00” – the number, and a mark of “6:00” small seconds, has a gray color, almost merging with the dial. Bezel rotates and has a per-minute counting the first 15 minutes. Waterproof model is 100 meters.

The new men’s watches come in a brown leather strap of a four-metal gray with rivets.

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