Women’s Watch Saint Honore Opera Eclair acquired a new look. French watchmaker Saint Honore, located in the heart of Paris on the Rue Saint-Honore

Women's Watch


French watchmaker Saint Honore, located in the heart of Paris on the Rue Saint-Honore, has released an updated version of Opera Eclair. Now these women’s watches are popular today face black. The novelty will be an excellent addition to evening gowns and the perfect companion for a woman at solemn receptions.

Diamonds adorn not only the building of luxury women’s watches and form a large glowing circle in the center of the dial, but the real stars shine next to the four Arabic numerals. Giving diamonds kind of distant stars is not only very interesting but logical solution.

After all, diamonds are formed in our universe thanks to the stars – after the supernova explosion. Actually in the bowels of the Earth’s diamonds came on the stage of planet formation as cosmic dust.

In addition to the brilliant stars on the face of Saint Honore Opera Eclair present date window at the “5:00”. The round body of women’s watches is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 33 mm. But for lovers of larger and chronometers is a 37-mm version. Inside Saint Honore installed quartz movement. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

Despite the fact that the head office and design department of the same name located on the famous street of jewelers in Paris, their watches are manufactured in Switzerland.

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