Watches with animals from Blacksand. The Swiss watch company Blacksand introduced a watch



The Swiss watch company Blacksand introduced a watch that was the beginning of a new collection – Continuity. New items have a more classic shape of the body, rather than hours of Uniformity – the motif of the two curves opaque walls surrounding the building, almost reduced to nothing. A dial Continuity inspired the world of nature – a model of koala bears an image with a baby on her back, the other – of sea turtles.

Inside the watch is set Continuity personalized with the caliber of the disk display hours and minutes. “Bouncing” the hour is displayed in a window that occupies the position of “12 hours”, and the scale with a smoothly moving minutes drive is set to “6:00.” Also present on the dial indicator, day or night – in the box in the shape of a crescent on the position of “3:00” – he is perfectly woven into the overall plot, shown on the dial.

Cruising Continuity is 110 hours.
The body of the watch is made of pink gold. Koalas on the black dial are made of fine cloisonne enamel hot. It is also a model with a white translucent dial and gold figurines of sea turtles on it. Whether released today watch Blacksand Continuity with other versions of the dial is still unknown – watch our news.

Rant each model Continuity encrusted 80th sparkling diamonds.

Continuity issued watches limited edition of 100 copies. As always, watch Blacksand Alan Mauvada are the product of handwork and attention when they are created is given to even the smallest detail.

Collection Continuity is a message to all inhabitants of the Earth about the value of the environment and living with us in the world of animals.

The name of this line is translated as “continuing.” And perhaps it’s not only that this is the second hour line Blacksand. For animals, for whatever species they belong – and koalas and sea turtles – are the most valuable elements of the surrounding world. And if we do not take care of them, do not keep their environment and will not allow to continue to live on this planet, you probably lose much of their world and life.

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