Watch brand MB & F opened the MAD Gallery.Just a few steps from the shops of their own Swiss watch company

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Just a few steps from the shops of their own Swiss watch company MB & F (Maximilian Busser & Friends) opened MADGallery – Rue Verdun, the city center.

This gallery has become one of the most unique attractions of Geneva. In MADGallery you will never find such a popular crowded empty pathos of modern shops. Only artfully decorated galleries and boutiques, as if arriving here from the distant future, containing not only watches MB & F, and other rare and not less than the original exposure.

Most interestingly, MB & F does not seek to open a boutique and praise his name in it in every way their own watches.

This, you see, is unusual. Instead MADGallery a creative gallery, which found its place not only Horological Machines renowned watch brand, but also other works of art. The selection criteria for the exhibits was the personal taste of the owners of trademarks and admiration, which caused the masterpieces of the young and still “undiscovered” talent.

Presented in MADGallery work, as well as watches MB & F, go far beyond pure functionality. All that is here presented, the authors boldly called “dynamic three-dimensional sculptures.”

For example, in MADGallery are unusual lighting Machine Lights, created by Berlin designer Frank Buchwald, sculpture, or transformers owned by the Chinese artist Xia Hangu. Of course, among all the amazing exhibits presented to visitors and a complete collection of so-called “time machine” by MB & F, including the newly released limited editions of Legacy Machine № 1 and HM4. However, the main advantage of MADGallery is the fact that watches are not the centerpiece of – just one of the other.

However, the very Maximilian Busser & Friends can not unambiguously be called by hour. Rather, it is a unique laboratory in which are unusual-the-art mechanisms by displaying the time expressing their technical perfection.

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