The unique color in the new women’s watch ArtyA 1/1 Set! New creature skilled watchmaker and a talented designer Ivan Arpa

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New creature skilled watchmaker and a talented designer Ivan Arpa, to surprise the audience demanding the hour for their unique creations was another unique and beautiful creation for the beautiful half of humanity – women’s watch ArtyA 1/1 Set. This model is a strange and wonderful combination of diamonds and purple dial. 38 mm stainless steel watch case artfully decorated by hand 725 diamonds of various sizes totaling 3 carats, with the help of which was born a beautiful creation.

However, the distinguishing feature of this model is not diamonds, and purple face. This is not an ordinary paint, and a special pigment, obtained in a special way. For this unique purple pigment used mureks shell, which is mined in Morocco. «Murex» literally means purple snail old.

This name is justified because this type of shellfish has been widely used to get a unique purple pigment of our ancestors. Obtained in ancient times, this pigment is used solely for the images of kings, popes, and the Virgin Mary. The main difficulty of the process of obtaining this pigment is that for a total of 50 grams to more than 6,000 of these shells. That’s what makes the pigment murex so rare and unique.

In addition to the pigment, the dial is also decorated with gold leaves, which further strengthens the purple color. Unique women’s watches dial ArtyA 1/1 Set protected durable sapphire glass which is extremely resistant to various kinds of scratches. Provides the clock so characteristic of women’s watch Swiss quartz movement. Black strap is made of satin. Water-resistant watch is 50 meters.

Ladies watches ArtyA 1/1 Set – a real find for the most pampered women. Men just need to buy a watch ArtyA 1/1 Set, which, of course, can melt the coldest heart.

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