The new version of the clock Bulgari Serpenti. Jewelry company Bulgari presents a new version of the famous women’s watches Serpenti.



Jewelry company Bulgari presents a new version of the famous women’s watches Serpenti. Instead, this watch strap attached to the bracelet, like a snake entwined around his wrist in a few rings. Novelty attracts a special combination of colors and brilliance of diamonds 385.

The case of women’s watches, and bracelets made of white gold decorated with inlays of black enamel. The dial also covered with black enamel. The clock itself is quite simple (just a couple of gold arrows), and even they can not immediately see the light of diamonds. Massive gold bracelet decorated with 346 diamonds the purest, the total weight of 3.46 carats.

Shining stones inscribed in kristalloobraznye patterns that adorn a black enamel. Another 33 diamonds decorate the black face, lined up in ryadochki as hour markers. Ends of the bracelet shape of a snake’s tail and head.At the head of a clock and as it is decorated with six large diamonds.

Manages the female clock Bulgari Serpenti quartz movement. But the mechanism is not a particularly significant element of this enhancement.

Agree, it is very difficult to imagine that the owner of such a clock stopped wearing his luxurious decoration due to a failure or inaccuracy of the movement.

Bulgari Jewelry Company creates outstanding luxury products for three generations. Founded in Rome Sotirio Bulgari in 1884 despite the fact that the company is known primarily as jewelery, watches have always occupied an important place in the range of the brand. And with the purchase of Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta to create watches Bulgari opened new possibilities and prospects, especially in regard to complications.

His Bulgari watches are developing in Rome, where he founded a great company. And the assembly and adjustment is made exclusively at home chronometric art – in Switzerland, Neuchatel. Assembly of Bulgari watches are about 500 highly skilled employees, embodying the most cherished dream of women, as well as men, who appreciate the real, true luxury.

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