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new men's watchnew men's watch


Watch company Obaku is famous for his minimalist and at the same time, philosophical models, subordinates worldview of Zen, which is followed by the founders of the brand.

Danish designers Kristian Mikkelsen and Lau Lingard Rouge prefer not even to participate in the global race to create the most luxurious watches. They make a chronometer for the fans of “reasonable minimalism.”

The new men’s watches Obaku ideally suited proprietary brand philosophy. “Clean” round housing with a diameter of 41 mm, steel bracelet with a comfortable, smooth functioning.

Black PVD-coated steel, or titanium – three versions of the performance of new products. Titanium and PVD watches have black dials with white arrows, and steel – white dial with black arrows.

In the near future Obaku promise to provide a chronograph, and new items have an additional function of indicating the date – in a small round window in the “6:00”. So very simple is difficult to call the watch. Rather, they are more suitable for such epithets as minimalist, or better, even laconic. On the dial set to “12:00” as it should present a logo, hour markers “cut” on the periphery, where there is also the minute markings.

Marketing manager at Henrietta Arwen said:
“We have always sought to produce a watch that would remain” eternal. “That those who will not lose its relevance in the next year. For example, you can now produce particularly large, thick watch the craziest colors and snap up. But the next year all this will turn into a pile of scrap metal – will not be so easy to go – they go out of style. And our watch, we hope, will remain in demand in ten years. ”

Round watches especially consistent brand philosophy Obaku, whose principal symbol is a circle, and the name is taken from the branch of Zen Buddhism, involving focus only on the most important thing in life. According to one of the founders of the brand – Kristian Mikkelsen – “the clock just spared the unnecessary parts, like a sculptor removes these parts a stone.”

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