The new Finnish sports watch from Suunto.Finnish watchmaker Suunto has announced the release of a new sport

 sports watch


Finnish watchmaker Suunto has announced the release of a new sport chronograph, which has the function of GPS. This wristwatch Ambit. Of course, Suunto, as usual, is not confined only to the one supplied with the GPS and compass, clock, barometer, altimeter, thermometer, heart rate monitor, an alarm clock looking very innocent in the background of these complications GMT.

Of course, the main highlight of the watch is the presence of a microchip, SiRFIV, which provides the navigator for the traveler. Among the watch Suunto and called – “GPS Navigator for travelers.” They can not only lead to a destination, but also to determine the location at the same time in different coordinate systems.

And more: Suunto Ambit can provide accurate information on your speed of movement, and even passed the steps by combining GPS data with the accelerometer. And the happy owners of these watches over the Internet can share routes and sporting achievements with each other.

Presented watches Suunto Ambit corps in white or black, water resistant to 100 meters. Details about the diameter of the shell is not provided Suunto. Within the set of lithium-ion battery, which guarantees 50 hours of continuous operation, or 48 hours with the included GPS.

The background lighting is regulated by an electronic screen, at the request of the owner of modes are available as white text on black background or black text and white background. Buy watches Suunto Ambit will be in March, approximately $ 500.

The Finnish company Suunto has appeared in 1936. Founder Mark Thomas Vohlonen created the world’s first compass, filled with fluid, which ensured the stability of the arrow. By 1950, Suunto has become one of the leading makers of compasses, which are exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

In 1987 the company developed the first computer for diving.It was only in 2000 under the brand name out of the first wristwatch-computer equipped with a digital compass.

To date, Suunto recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of sports watches, which introduced the most advanced technology.

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