The company introduced the Ulysse Nardin watch Champion’s Diver.February 20 watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has presented an excellent collection



February 20 watchmaker Ulysse Nardin has presented an excellent collection of timepieces Plushenko Champion’s Diver. These watches were designed with the Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko.

The presentation took place at the Bersenevskaya waterfront, where the restaurant “The River” were invited athletes honored art world, as well as representatives of business elite. Edvin Marton played the event in honor of his best works on the Stradivari.

The idea to create a watch Plushenko was born to Rolf Schneider in 2010, after meeting with the athlete. On one of the preparatory stages (drawings, technical discussion of subtleties and Design) Evgeni Plushenko hour special visit to the factory Ulysse Nardin, that would coordinate all the details personally.

According to his plan of the yellow color accents on the dial should be reminded of the gold medals and blue – the color of ice on which they were earned.

Watches Plushenko Champion’s Diver developed on the basis of UN caliber 26, used traditionally for the collection of Marine. 42-mm shell of the new model covers the vulcanized rubber. Water-resistant watch is 200 meters, which allows them to be worn on the wrist even during water sports activities. Available on the strap in rubber with ceramic inserts, one of which is engraved Ulysse Nardin, and on the other – Limited Edition.

This watch is issued, though limited edition (250 copies presumably, although at present accurate information, we do not), but are almost twins as a model Maxi Marine Diver Boutique Ref. 263-95LE. The latter were established in late 2011 specifically to single-brand boutiques Ulysse Nardin.

The difference with the new wristwatch only in the colors of the details, but in general the model is very similar to each other, not to say that is almost identical in terms of design.

The difference, perhaps, only in the use of rich blue color for the arrows and hour markers, as well as the allocation of the gold marking on the bezel.

Perhaps fans of the brand have a question: “And what, other than color accents, brought to the design of the new hours Plushenko?” It may be that and nothing, but as yet we have no information on the back of the new Plushenko Champion’s Diver.

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