The “birth Chronometer Watch” .Famous watchmakers Robert Grebel

birth Chronometer Watch


Famous watchmakers Robert Grebel, Stephen Forsey and Philip Dufour represent a new joint project “chronometer: the birth of Hours.” It is aimed primarily at multiplication, preservation and transfer of expertise in watchmaking for future generations. Stephen Forsey, Robert and Philip Dufour Grebelya combined total passion for timekeeping and convergence of views on this art.

Three masters agreed that at present practice, and some of the techniques of this manual watchmaking are in decline, lost, and gradually more and more being replaced by industrial technology. Masters could not remain indifferent to this and so they decided to implement the project.

Its essence is to highlight the process of creating a watch from the time of development, and sketch to the finished chronometer. The “chronometer: the birth of Hours” will unfold in two directions: first vehicles will be selected to create watches that require conservation as a legacy.

The second step is the transfer of these techniques, and a talented young artist to embody and perpetuate a chronometer. For the second phase of the organizers chose a French watchmaker named Michel Boulanger. He is a graduate of the repair of watches, as well as a teacher of the School of Paris art chronometric.

Before Boulanger goal is to manually make some unique instances wristwatch Haute Horlogerie. In this he was, of course, will support three of the organizers of the project.

But this all does not end: then shall Boulanger become not just a bearer of this skill, but must deliver it to the next heir.

Watches Haute Horlogerie, born in this project, will be the best embodiment of the present techniques chronometric excellence. These watches will have a tourbillon and trehstrelochny mechanism with manual winding – a kind of combination of modern technology and tradition.

Through the implementation of this unique project, Robert Grebel, Stephen Forsey and Philip Dufour expect not only to preserve the tradition of sentinels, but also to share them with a greater number of colleagues.

To the public under the “chronometer: the birth of Hours” will be released on a series of 3D movies, which will be presented in detail all the techniques of watchmaking. It is planned to carry out training in the form of games. This is the most effective way to save this human art for future generations, because the media forms of information today is increasingly gaining popularity. Also, the progress of the project will be to monitor based on a special blog. Finally, the round trip for a personal meeting with all the judges of the World.

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