Some Trend and Mode of Baselworld 2012.The next edition of Baselworld is held from 8 to 15 March

Some Trend and Mode


The next edition of Baselworld is held from 8 to 15 March: among industry insiders a cautious optimism reigns comforted by the excellent results mark made by the sector over the past year. Watchmakers, jewelers and suppliers are finalizing the last tolls to their collections. Here is a preview of some fashion, trends, brands and trends that take place at the show.

The look
Modified according to the contemporary aesthetic codes, vintage style is now some years to the headlines. A growing number of collections that revisiting the models that have made history and world of Swiss watchmaking. Easy, ultra flat speaker, useful features, and comfort seem to be among the dominant trends of Baselworld 2012. A return to origins which also involves the movement of mechanisms, in which the automatic Caliber seems to be experiencing some of the most in vogue of his eternal career.

Used as a heart in the center of additional modules in almost all cases is always visible through transparent sapphire bottoms, showing a greater care for the decor which is increasingly subject. Never before this year, the tourbillon complication is ubiquitous: it is adopted by brands that have made the history of mechanical horology, as in trademarks and above models never seen before. The Motor Show will mark a return to boxes of smaller size eforme traditional.

It is expected an increase in the movements and dials of timepieces with dentures, or “open”. Alongside the classic monochrome and two-tone colors, it is rumored the usual black, white and silver – with its shades – and an ever-increasing preference for blue, especially in the “royal”.

Inspired more by the past, increases in the behavior of the Swiss daily care to pay homage to the signs that have marked the Centuries. So the art of watchmaking crafts such as enamelling, engraving, guilloche are increasingly represented in the new Baselworld 2012 . Movements, dials, and finishes with three-dimensional effects are also part of the offer.

The functions
Whether new or remake, the clocks will aim to offer more useful features and complications: trends mark an escape, when possible, by the turns of the technology for a return to when timepieces were used mainly for functions provided.

So there will be many models with second time zone or GMT, and equipped with world time, to accompany those who travel often. The fashionable for a long life for chronographs and triple-compax bi-compax sports look to the ’60s or military watches, all continue to be the object of desire of choice for many enthusiasts.

With nearly 2,000 exhibitors at Baselworld 2012 is usually a great opportunity for someone to show news from a future yet to be determined. Whether looking for independent watchmakers acting in a manner never before seen the traditions, or big brands, small businesses or just born, they will be playing their cards a lot on innovation. As usual there will be materials such as carbon, ceramics, fibers, alloys, and combinations of them never before seen, watches that use liquid to indicate the time, sapphire crystal to mark time, and so on and so forth.

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