Premiere of new watches Rado HyperChrome

new watches


In Dubai, February 9, 2012 world premiere collection of HyperChrome watch company Rado . The event was attended by 260 guests from 51 countries in the world. These people were presented the new line of watches HyperChrome, consisting of 27 models.

Hours HyperChrome unique technology of its production, which includes the complex process of formation of the monolith from the injection of high-tech ceramics for the body. The models presented in black and white ceramics, the hardness on the Vickers scale which is 1250 units.

new watches

Among HyperChrome are watches for every taste: as with quartz, and with automatic mechanisms. Depending on the model, the watch is equipped with a chronograph, date display, decorated with diamonds, or presented in a small women’s size. All models are available on ceramic bracelets.

Presentation of new watch collection has become a real live performances, combining all forms of art – from digital animation to dance, which once again confirmed the ability of Rado to connect in a whole seems to be completely different things. Executive Director of the watch company Matthias Breshan spoke at the event to appeal to the public:

“Every year in this wonderful city (Dubai), we see an amazing sea and desert move into a dynamic metropolis. It reminds me of the process where the finest crystal powder turned us in ceramics for watches that have a form that is almost impossible to create. But, nevertheless, all of this materializes right before our eyes. I think between Rado and Dubai have much in common, and I am extremely pleased to present this new collection is here. ”

More details about presented in Dubai wristwatch Rado, their characteristics and innovations embodied in them, you will learn of our upcoming reports from the show BaselWorld, which will be held 8-15 March 2012.

Innovation has always been no stranger Rado. In 1995 the company received the prize for innovation by creating the world’s first wrist watch from the high-tech diamond. When all the other companies have used to create a corps of its steel and gold watches, Rado took up ceramics and began to create a truly unique model that is practically not subject to scratches and have the highest strength.

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