Poisson clock by Vacheron Constantin at SIHH 2012.At the annual exhibition of Swiss manufacture SIHH 2012 Vacheron

Poisson clock


At the annual exhibition of Swiss manufacture SIHH 2012 Vacheron Constantin has introduced a new model from the collection Metiers d’Art – Les Univers Infinis, which were used 3metoda processing – engraving, enamelling and the guilloche.

On the creation of a new model of creative design company inspired by Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher, mosaic pictures which are based on the perception of the game.

“Mosaic” CD clock attracts emphasized geometric forms, the harmony of all parts of the track and, of course, the right mix of colors. While this model became the dominant gray-blue tones, which are colored flashing of fish on the dial.

Their image does engraver, who carefully “cuts” on the disk from the gray outlines of gold and eyes of aquatic animals. This is followed by a process guilloche: patterns of symmetrical lines with thickness of 0.1 mm and traced engraved on disk give a visual image depth, and parallel to the contours outlining the head, tail, fins and body of fish, covered with shiny scales that give a realistic picture.

Poisson clock
Then follows the process of enamelling. In decorating the dial using the technique of “cloisonne”, first laid “wall” of a thin gold wire, designed to separate the enamel of different colors, then in each of the “forms” filled with the enamel of the corresponding color. Once the enamel is baked in the oven image at very high temperatures. Firing is performed several times to make the colors more saturated.

After the final firing finished disc is polished, resulting in delays and dividing the enamel can be reduced by one level.

The last stage – the process of painting, giving the dial shine.

“Frame” for this masterpiece is the body of 18 K white gold. Watches on both sides are protected by strong sapphire glass. Through the transparent back cover you can observe the work of an automatic mechanism in 2460 SC, engraved and decorated by hand. Reliable gauge is completely designed and assembled in the factory workshops.

Model released limited edition: buy a watch, only 20 will be able to watch art admirers all over the world.

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