New items from the company KUDOKE – model “Golden Dragon” and “White Flower”.Kudoke watchmaker Stefan from Germany began

company KUDOKE


Kudoke watchmaker Stefan from Germany began to learn the art of making instruments for measuring time with a clean slate. Two experienced master taught him to understand and appreciate the mechanical process time indication.

The outstanding talent of Stephen let him finish his studies with honors. Later, he honed his skills, working first in the studio complications and manufacture of prototypes “Glashutte Original”, and then in the maintenance department “Breguet”, “Blancpain” and “Omega” in New York.

But these successes it was not enough.

After receiving a certificate of master watchmaker at the age of 22 years, he still craved knowledge. The successful training of young economic disciplines inspired master watchmaker’s favorite thing to do – design development and manufacture of its own clock. This point can be considered the beginning of the brand’s history Kudoke, characterized by a passion for everything unique and outstanding, expressed in an unusual design models from Stephen Kudoke.

It’s time to individuality – an exceptional, unique mechanical meter time on the brand Kudoke.

The company creates fascinating masterpieces of fine watchmaking, combining an outstanding level of skill of its clockmakers and the amazing power of imagination of designers. Each instance is unique Kudoke models, thanks to the personal settings and personal preferences of each client.

Among the many skills possessed by the master of the company, most often used skeletonirovanie and hand engraving, allowing to transform an ordinary standard mechanism for an unusual piece of art from the Kudoke. The aim of the company – and the creative chasodelie daily search for something new and unusual.

Due to the large number of efforts to create unique models Kudoke, the company produces a rather limited number of copies. So mark your watch does not offer a whole collections, as do the leading watch companies. Each instance of hours Kudoke individual as its owner.

company KUDOKE
This year, again, is his masterpiece of watchmaking art at the world exhibition and sale of watches and jewelery Baselworld.

In the past few months Stefan Kudoke devote all his time and creative talent developing new and unique watch models.

Following the model of “Golden Dragon”, designed for both men and women, a master watchmaker, will present a refined model of women’s “White Flower”.

To attack, the Dragon Stephen Kudoke timed release of a new model of “Golden Dragon”, «Golden Dragon.” As the name implies, the dragon, covered in gold, hand-carved from a solid piece of sterling silver with a so-called technique of relief engraving. His eyes are decorated with two diamonds.

On the back of the clock and see the dragon, rending the central part of the mechanism with automatic winding his clawed paw.

The dragon symbolizes good luck, intelligence, grace, and a fiery temperament. That is why the masters of the company put him between two sapphire windows to protect the owner from his fiery breath and sharp claws.

Dragon Force gives Swiss movement with automatic winding, decorated in a special manner Kudoke. Mechanisms to continuously supply the energy necessary for flight. The mechanism of 38 mm in diameter impressive quality performance parts such as screwed bezel, back cover and the elements on the strap model.

Just in time for the arrival of spring, Stefan Kudoke created a model of “White Flower”, «white flower,” her spectacular feminine elegance. Rhodium-coated white flowers are carved by hand from a solid piece of sterling silver with a so-called technique of relief engraving. In addition to the three-dimensional numerical indicators as time stamps are the eight of diamonds.

Exclusive hand made by hand from the blue steel continues to flower theme. Decorated in the form of floral leaves, they were created specifically for this model hours. On the back of the clock as you can see a flower, Entangling the central part of the mechanism with automatic winding.

Flowers need to heat and light. Therefore, the flowers are present in the model of White Flower Kudoke placed under two translucent sapphire glass, creating a greenhouse effect.

Body heat warms the owner of the watch are sensitive plants. Through many years of research Stephen Kudoke managed to bring race colors that can do entirely without water. Therefore, building a model is being protected from ingress of water.

The strength of growth of flowers provided by the Swiss movement with automatic winding, upgraded in a special manner, typical of the brand Kudoke. Case diameter 38 mm hits the high quality components such as screws screwed bezel, back cover and the elements of the strap.

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