New from the company’s Concord – Chronograph Black & White. Watchmaker Concord was founded in the Swiss town of Bienne in 1908, more than 100 years ago.

Chronograph Black & White


Watchmaker Concord was founded in the Swiss town of Bienne in 1908, more than 100 years ago. The first is a model brand brought her unprecedented fame. The company soon became popular throughout Europe and even in America.

The brand was so popular that even U.S. President Harry Truman during the Potsdam Conference of 1945 gave a couple of hours on the Concord to the participants – British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the head of government of the USSR Joseph Stalin. Owners of watches appreciated their reliability and superior quality. The company has a very important achievement of Concord in watchmaking – the creation of the finest watches in the world.

The company first released the Delirium, these men’s watches to boast a record at that time, thickness: 1.98 mm in total! But the engineers did not stop there and soon established a model of Delirium with body thickness of 0.98 mm.

Today the brand reveals the mysterious two-sidedness of human nature through its new models, decorated with white or black diamonds, where each color represents one of the strengths of the parties. In nature there are many opposing forces, which are revealed in the eternal life cycle, from day to night, from dusk until dawn. Our subconscious, as well as our social identity, our alter ego driven opposing forces. In 2012, the company Concord is a couple of models C2 Chronograph Black & White, embodying Yin and Yang duality of life and mystery.

Chronograph Black & White
The black color means strength, power and style, which has no power over time. It is often associated with intuition, elegance, glamor and pedantry. Some see it as a color of mystery and solemnity, suggestive of the depths of the unknown, and forming an idea of other worlds.

Others point out that black is achromatic, neither emits nor reflects light. Whatever the personal perception of the tone this or that person, it does not affect the undeniable appeal of the new model from Concord, with the provocative title C2 Chronograph “BlackFrost” («Black Frost”), released a limited edition. These men’s watches decorated with black diamonds and equipped with alligator strap in black, creating a perfect contrast with the shiny steel case and white dial chronograph.

White is the universal symbol of innocence and purity. Its ability to reflect light determines that it is often considered the “summer” color, despite the fact that it is also suggestive of a snowy winter’s mantle.

Its neutrality makes white popular in the fashion industry because it allows you to combine different colors, while maintaining your vibrant personality. Surprising is the fact that the white color may imply a severe cold and extreme heat, or even all together, like white-hot flame that burns under a layer of ice. In general, white is the best expresses the contradictions of nature in general and human nature in particular.

Revision C2 Chronograph all-white from the base line boasts white diamonds bordering a pure white dial. Mounted on an alligator strap in white, these women’s watches radiate an aura of inviting an impeccable elegance.

Both models are equipped with round hulls with a diameter of 43 mm with a perfectly proportioned, offering a pleasing from an aesthetic point of view, the combination of angles and curves, water-resistant chronograph is 100 meters.

The tubular mounting lugs provide Concord with no smooth transition from the strap to the body and allow the clock to sit perfectly on the wrist. Mechanical Swiss watches Concord C2 Chronograph BlackFrost and C2 Chronograph all-white set in motion automatic movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. Dials models are endowed with the functions of the central hour, minute and seconds hands moving smoothly, counters to zero in the provisions of the “6” and “9:00”, a small second’s counter is set to “3:00” and the function of displaying the date in the “6:00”.

You can buy a clock C2 Chronograph Black & White both individually and as a couple, if you want to reflect the duality of his nature. These watches can also choose a pair, thereby symbolizing their different and at the same time complementary. But no matter what body you choose, that beautiful chronograph will always remind you of that time, the most valuable of all human resources, one for all and nevertheless, purely personal.

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