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The exhibition hours GTE-Michel Jordi 2012 introduced a new collection of Icons of the World. The line consists of eight models, each of which is devoted to the most legendary places of the World: Great Wall of China, India’s Taj Mahal, Japan’s legendary Mount Fuji, Mount Sugarloaf Brazilian, Swiss Interlaken with the Eiger and Jungfrau mountains, Geneva, with its fountain, Jet d’Eau , Statue of Liberty and the Moscow Kremlin. Each unique new released limited edition of only 3 copies.

Today we look at watches Icons of the World, dedicated to Moscow.

The clock mechanism of this model was created by Michel Jordi together with Jean-Francois Mozhonom of Le Locle (winner of the “best watchmaker in 2010” from the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix), and the design developed by Christophe Moines. The main motive is to design new striking combination of black and red colors. Hour, minute and second hands are shifted to the left of center and are located on a small dial made of titanium with Roman numerals.

The “10 o’clock” is a large window in which the images are placed Kremlin towers and the unique St. Basil’s Cathedral on the skyline. Time of day for the repeater is displayed with the text on a blue disk in the “2:00”. And the light of day and night is built right into the image of the Kremlin and the church – the sky above them, depending on time of day gives way to night and day. Central skeletonized hands are the tips with white phosphor coating. The “4:00” is a pointer to the hour and minute repeater installation.

But it is unique not only the appearance of men’s watches, but also the content. Inside the engine is installed with a manual winding watch equipped with a repeater function. The mechanism can be seen through the transparent back cover of the four screws. Strike the gong produces a unique sound frequency of 2 Hz, corresponding to the sound of church bells. Hammer for the bell can be admired in the “6:00” on the skeletonized dial model. The mechanism has a power reserve of 65 hours.

Hours are clad in 46-mm shell of titanium with elements of red gold.

Waterproof model is 100 meters. In the direction of “2:00” is the crown, and “3:00” is a control lever repeater. Delivered watch on black leather strap with red substrate.

These watches could not be better embody the company’s main slogan – “Innovation in time”. Following this motto Jordi in 2004, after a complete failure, re-entered the market and gained success.

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