Luminox Watches for fishermen. Watch brand Luminox will be one of the sponsors of the “People’s fishing” – is all-Russian festival

Luminox Watches


Watch brand Luminox will be one of the sponsors of the “People’s fishing” – is all-Russian festival, which kicks off February 19 in Mozhaisky reservoir. Ice fishing competitions will be held between professionals of 60 years, men and women from 18 to 60 years, adolescents and even among children under 14 years of age.

Parties “People’s Fishing” on assurances of the organizers expect a good bite, and an extensive entertainment program, full of a variety of events and competitions. And the fishermen, the winners of the festival in male and female categories will be presented with a watch Luminox.

This gift is the perfect tool for any fisherman: a simple and reliable watches, high water resistance (which is very important for fishermen), and a unique lighting system that will make reading time easy in any light.

Fishing Festival will be held under the patronage of Vladimir Putin. This event will be the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Luminox Watches are perfect as a measuring tool for athletes – especially for this purpose they created in 1989 when the company was founded Barry Cohen.

Specific dive watches Luminox even designed specially for the United
States Special Forces – Navy Seal Colormark Model 3050 Series.

For ice fishing conditions Luminox watches just the perfect choice.

They survive with dignity and cold water. This is a great gift for athletes.

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