Le Chic Style and Activity

Style and Activity


The success of the brand Le Chic due to the combination of unique concept and high commodity marketing activities. New models and promotional programs promise even stronger position to strengthen the brand in the market.

The history of Le Chic brand began in 1998 when France was established company engaged in production of jewelry and stylish jewelry. Appearing in Russia two years ago, Le Chic immediately won the respect and love of customers and has taken a strong position in the watch market. Year after year, the company strives to offer to Russians the most interesting and trendy watches, jewelry.

Style and Activity

The symbol of the company – the butterfly. It is no accident Le Chic products are associated with femininity and elegance. Classic and modern, simple lines and flawless performance, high fashion and understated luxury embodied in these unique accessories. Any product Le Chic – a great alternative to jewelry made of precious metals and stones. The company aims to give women unlimited opportunities to look beautiful, fashionable, stylish and modern.

French designers have focused on the fact that jewelry is not able to fully satisfy the human desire for change and democratic jewelery line Le Chic could meet the aspirations of women for a change. Le Chic – a new word in the design of jewelry, watches, they are suitable not only to the most glamorous as well, but also to women of all ages, along with a variety of tastes.

Style and Activity

To succeed in the market the French company uses all the marketing levers. As soon appeared on the Russian market, Le Chic has become an active participant in many international exhibitions: “Jeweler 2005” and “Jewel-2006”, “Consumexpo 2006”, “The world presents. Jewellery Shop” in 2005-2006, Moscow Watch Salon.

The company cares about the convenience of working with the brand for its partners: thanks to streamlined supply chain customers have the possibility of forming a stable optimum range, constantly updating its models from the collections of the new season. The proposed free original window dressing (using not only classic display, and organza, butterflies, various options coasters, posters) allows you to take a fresh look at the clock, and combinations thereof.

A technique developed recommendations for the sales and brand presentation at retail stores make it easy to care not only dealers, but also retailers, working with the brand. Since autumn 2006, the company conducts a large-scale advertising campaign in all regions of Russia. As part of this campaign, Le Chic offers targeted assistance to promote the brand Le Chic in the regions.

Le Chis aims to give women unlimited opportunities to look beautiful, fashionable, stylish and modern.

Style and Activity

Le Chic takes into account that with the advent of more and more products in the category of “watch-jewelry” growing level of competition. Competitors quickly intercept not only all the innovations in the product, but also the successful marketing steps. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to get through with his proposal to the consumer. Out of this impasse prompted women customers themselves.

Of the approximately equal in quality and price range of brands, they choose the hours that are more pleasant emotional experiences.

At the present stage is not just a commodity for sale, and good with emotions. And Le Chic was among the first to use the new field in advertising – emotional. Along with the functional properties of the manufacturer is trying to bring in the emotional component of the goods. All activities of the company are aimed at shaping a positive brand image in the eyes of potential buyers.

During the year, to enhance sales by dealers and the formation of the emotional component of brand Le Chic spent a number of promotional activities. The customer received not just a watch, a watch with a wonderful, pleasant gifts: hair ornaments, elegant perfume, branded CD with the songs of French artists, stylish umbrellas and trendy publication.

Do not leave the company without attention and their partners. The most active dealers for 2005 went on an unforgettable journey to Paris, and the most successful sellers hour Le Chic were encouraged to dinner at a French restaurant, and gifts: new models of watches and mobile phones.

In 2006, the happy owner of Le Chic brand watches are well-known member of the popular group “Shining”, and on the eve of the French teacher’s hours were 50 female teachers from Moscow and Moscow region. Both events were widely covered by media.

Not less than pleasant surprises await fans of French brand in the autumn-winter 2006-2007. In November, the company introduced two fantastic autumn-winter collection – Enigma, and Constance.

Style and Activity

Collection of Enigma (Eternity) – this is the first female mechanical automatic watch in the world of jewelery watches, jewelery. The models are original brand-mechanisms skeletons Le Chic. Enigma – a collector’s limited edition series, each watch is unique, are engraved on the case back individually numbered. In models of the collection, use sapphire glass, stylish belts python skin with unusual color schemes.

Special chic and glamor models attached to stone inlay and engraving on the parts and elements of the mechanism. The range of retail prices for these models will be 13 000-14 000.

An elegant and sophisticated collection of Constance (Persistence) has attracted great bracelets of high-tech ceramics. Hours Constance unparalleled quality, because ceramics – the most scratch-resistant material. These models use sapphire crystal, Swiss movement Ronda, and just as in the collection of Enigma, each watch produced limited edition. Retail prices will make Constance 17 000-19 000. The new collection is designed for active women who love elegance and impeccable quality.

Style and Activity

The highlight of the round body is a rotating bezel.

Black, white, pink. .. Here they are – the most spectacular colors for hours from the collection of Constance!

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