Jewels and Watches 2. Rounding out the already rich and extensive collection



Rounding out the already rich and extensive collection of fashion jewels Jewels of 2were also added to the clocks; specifically women’s models from the impression some very trendy, with the presence of precious crystals to embellish boxes and bracelets.

The Jewels and Watches 2 are round or shape, small size, with white dials and blacks, in fact of little gems that can be worn in conjunction with numerous steel jewelry, silver and bronze in the collection 2 Jewels.

A wide range of assorted prodtti and, as mentioned, that in the short period of a season have marked their pesenza market, especially for low prices and the imagination to create patterns of some interest.

He has also contributed in no small decision to make a testimonial of the first class: Belen Rodriguez, beautiful women of television due to its significant presence in the media has given visibility and notoriety to the jewels of the young Milanese brand.

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