Epson created the lightest GPS watch.Of course, Epson all know primarily as a manufacturer of printers

GPS watch

Description :

Of course, Epson all know primarily as a manufacturer of printers and projectors. However, now Epson is their first wristwatch. But the main achievement is not in the fact that Epson managed to create a digital clock (after all, is a subsidiary of Seiko ), but the fact that this is the easiest in the world of sports timepiece with GPS. Now that looks like an achievement.

The model does not differ much foreign refinement, but it is very convenient and the most accurate. For these watches by Epson has been specifically designed a special GPS module that allows you to use this function continuously for 12 hours (when fully charged).

By the way, the clock also equipped with a pedometer, sports, and even counter chronometric counting calories. The control buttons are their functions in the directions of “2, 4, 8 and 11 hours.” Button to start and stop the chronograph (position “2:00”) is colored red. Water-resistant shell is 50 meters.

This is the lightest wristwatch with GPS in the world – their weight is only 50 grams. The cost of new items is still unknown. This year they come to market in Japan, sales in other countries as long as there is no information, however, in the press release mentioned its intention to sell the Epson watches in the United States and Europe.

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