Cronotech Following the fashion.Leading distributor of fashion watches a group of companies



Leading distributor of fashion watches a group of companies “Time and Technology” provided yet another stunning innovation: watches Chronotech – an alloy of fashion, design and sport

Three in one

Six years ago by a group of companies “Time and technology,” the Russians met with Italian hours. Submitted to it by Sector and sports fashion brand Moschino, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli made a real revolution, forcing many to consider fashion as a serious competitor to watch “budget” classics. And while all of these brands have achieved impressive results in Russia, we can say that the Italian watch brands have just started to develop our market.

After all Italian brands than four and not eight, but a few dozen, and they are independent, confident in the direction of a wave of watchmaking design. The Italians are leading in all that concerns fashion, design, and partly sports watches.

And it is natural, because the Italians have always been famous for creativity: author of many best-selling models, the Swiss brand also owned by the Italian designers.

An organic compound of fashion, design and sport and is a mark of Russia who came to Chronotech. Despite her youth, she had gained enormous popularity not only in his native Italy, but the rest of Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Japan.

Chronotech produced an influential Italian hour Concern Global Watch Industries, which is famous for the production time line for the fashion houses GF Ferre, Diadora, Mi la Schon, Romeo Gigli, and vibrant youth clock Blumarine and Billionaire.

In Chronotech united the best of what today are the Italian watch: luxury and originality, unusual shapes and advanced technical innovation, attracting the youth audience. It is no exaggeration to say that Chronotech – a new word in the industry of fashion watches, watches that are not just another fashion accessory, a fashion accessory, plus something else. What is it? This is worth more detail.

Fashion + 3D-Design

The first collection presented Chronotech Prisma was a huge success and became a hallmark of the brand. It’s all about the original glass, shaped like a prism, which gave a large bright patterns quite an amazing amount. These clocks can not be ignored on the hand, which attracted the attention of many Italian celebrities who have become the first holders Chronotech Prisma and volunteer “ambassadors” of the brand.

The creators of the collection of its success is explained by the fact that they first had the idea to combine classical tradition with trendy watch ZD-computer design. Three-dimensional, multi-faceted, glittering watches as if descended directly from a computer screen.

The collection began to grow rapidly, it appeared for men, women, sports, and even variations luxurious limited edition gold Prisma Revolution Rose Gold Limited Edition. Among the most successful models can be noted Prisma One and Prisma Two; Color Crystal with glass enclosure, made as if stained stone; Prisma Tatoo of “fingerprints” of tattoos on the body and strap, Prisma Love romantic heart-shaped, the newest line of Prisma Fashion, sports and Prisma Evo.

Architectural glass volumetric body and became corporate style Chronotech, instantly distinguishing the brand watches from a number of their “two dimensional” brethren. After the success of Prisma and waiting for the line New Globe (glass in the form of a sphere) with GMT for travelers and of course, absolutely fantastic sculptural clock 3D, became the ideal of all fans of computer technology.

The experiments with the form of a collection of glass continued Oblo – this time the glass in the form of a cone decorated rectangular model (sports chronographs and ladies’ gold watch with diamonds).

What Chronotech combines in one line jewelry and sports cars, also not by accident. Fantasy Italian designers demonstrates that the difference between contemporary fashion styles lies only in the details, not in form. Proof of this line of Dual Face – Flip clock. On both sides of the body are dials, and you just flip the model on hand to watch for white intellectuals in the evening or a business meeting turned into a black sports chronograph.

Fashion and sport

The second area, regretted Chronotech huge number of fans in Europe – a sports chronographs. In February 2005 Chronotech became an official partner of Team Mild Seven Renault F1, which was marked by the release of a special collection of watches F1. Mad growth of its popularity due to the fact that in 2005 and 2006, Renault F1 Team won the championship.

“The agreement is absolutely consistent strategy of our brand – said Giovanni Faskiano, CEO of Global Watch Industries. – It emphasizes the dynamic way of life, which is the main feature of the brand Chronotech». However, no advertising would not help the collection of F1, if the clock itself is not attracted the attention of: bright, durable, the most advanced materials like carbon fiber and rubber, combining the functions of the chronograph and GMT.

Another good step Chronotech – a treaty on the status of official sponsor of the football club AC Milan. Now, in every newspaper photo shoot you can see the leaders of the “Milan”, Paolo Maldini, Filippo Inzaghi, Alessandro Nesta, Cafu and other legendary players in the chronograph Chronotech.

Fashion + Technology

Finally, the latest invention Chronotech, 100% “priest” in the youth audience. This collection of Blue Voice – the world’s first watch, which is applied using the technology in mobile phones bluetooth. They can be attached to the strap when in standby mode, and used as a normal watch. Ergonomic design and three different sizes ensure the best user experience.

All this proves that Chronotech – Watch the new generation, which are created in order to entice a buyer spoiled a great suggestion. They will be an unusual addition for fashion shops, sports and youth hours. High quality performance and reliable mechanisms to support the Citizen and Ronda prestige European manufacturer.

Especially since the price of watches Chronotech no less attractive – from 4,000 to 8,000 rubles, which will enable them to become popular among the trendy and “advanced” youth not only in the capital, but also in the Russian regions.

A few years ago, many doubted the success of bright outrageous fashion brands, and today they largely form the shape of stores. During this time, “Time and Technology” has never been wrong in the choice of brands.

There is every reason to believe that success in our market, and expects Chronotech. It’s the next generation of watches that are gaining market share following the fashion, as evidenced by the rapid international development of the Italian brand.

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