Christophe Claret Baccara BaselWorld 2012 Preview.Baselworld 2012 will see Christophe Claret



Baselworld 2012 will see Christophe Claret, confirm that create complicated watches, equipped with mechanical games of chance only, has become one of his favorite pastimes. Last year the talented watchmaker introduced the Blackjack 21 hours, with the new Baccara which took over a year of development, will lead the show in Basel a real casino miniature fort of three of his most classic games: Baccarat, roulette and craps, all accompanied by various effects and sounds. In addition, blowing gently on sapphire glass will show a mysterious and hidden Chinese character.

The baccarat cards appear on the dial. At the bottom, as the player is dealt three small windows, the second version, rhodium or rose gold.

The dealer is located at the top. To shuffle the cards, the player must press a button at 9 o’clock that arming a spring runs concurrently gold records on which they are printed. The button at 8, you can distribute the cards to the player. Finally, at 10, a third button controls its distribution to the bench. Each of these actions is underlined by a pleasant sound. The hammer and the bell that emits a sound to the cathedral are visible through an opening in the case middle at 2 o’clock.

The complexity of the mechanical movement with automatic winding of Christophe Claret thus makes possible a genuine game of baccarat.

Counter and the player 252 each have different combinations of cards, for a total of exactly 63,504 different games.

Now to the nuts. They are two, measuring 1.5 mm and are housed in a cage always on the caseband at 4 o’clock. The roulette wheel is placed on the back of the watch. And the oscillating weight, visible through the sapphire anti-reflective, which works like a plate of roulette; an arrow indicating the winning number. Finally, every customer has the opportunity to have his favorite number, or lucky number, marked with an emerald.

The case of this amazing and complicated watch is available in three versions, each of diameter 45 mm white gold / titanium grade 5 blackened PVD, Rose Gold / PVD grade 5 titanium and platinum / titanium grade 5 PVD.

The dial in addition to the two groups of three windows, what attracts attention is the shadow of a silhouette of a dragon or a tiger. Claret wished them good luck: they are laser cut from a sheet of titanium or black jade.

There is one final detail: This design is only visible to the naked eye. The Chinese symbol for good luck turns out, in fact, only when you blow on the clock. The steam makes it look like magic for a few seconds.

Technically, this symbol is made invisible by a metallization process of the sapphire crystal, developed specifically for Christophe Claret.

The quality watches, gambling and the unusual design of the mysterious Christophe Claret Baccarat has a suggested retail price – plus tax – ranging from 194,000 to 240,000 CHF.

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